Virus & Spyware Removal

Virus RemovalKeeping your computer free from viruses and spyware will protect your computer, your personal data, and your valuable files.

Once a virus is on your computer, it is imperative that it is properly removed to prevent further infection altough this is easier said than done in some severe cases.

dedicatech ltd. engineers have experience of removing even the most persistent viruses and spyware. They can help your computer to run faster and smoother, as well as protect your data and prevent your files from being destroyed.

If it's too late and the virus has started to destroy files on your computer, our engineers will do their best to recover as much of your data as possible.

What problems could viruses cause?

A computer virus is software that can spread from one computer to another. The virus can interfere with how your computer operates and destroy your data. It can render your computer impossible to use by causing it to crash, and could even delete everything on your hard drive.

A virus can spread from one computer to another via email attachments, instant messages, downloads from a website and infected data storage like USB sticks, CDs etc. A virus could even gain access to your email contacts and send its self to everyone you know. The ability to spread through various methods increases a virus's chance of infecting other computers.

What is a spyware?

Spyware is a type of malware that is installed on your computer without your knowledge, usually after visiting a website and downloading something you thought might be of use (but has spyware bundled in with it). Spyware collects information about you and your internet browsing habits without your knowledge. The presence of spyware is typically hidden and can be difficult to detect.

Obviously you do not want unknown people or organisations to have access to your personal information so to stay safe it's best to check your computer for spyware and remove it immediately.

How do I find and remove viruses and spyware?

If you have up-to-date antivirus and spyware removal software installed, then the best place to start is by regularly running a full scan. However, some viruses are very sophisticated and can stop your antivirus software from functioning correctly.

If you've tried running your antivirus software and your computer still isn't functioning correctly then contact us now. You will be able to arrange a time that is convenient to you for us to come out and perform a virus removal in Leicester or the LE area. If possible our engineer will aim to fix your problem on the spot. If needed we will collect your device and after removing the virus return it you.

Where is the work carried out?
In most cases virus removal can be carried out at the clients' location. In some cases or if the client prefers we can collect and return the device after performing the clean.
How much will it cost?*
Virus removal starts from £45. Typical cost in most cases does not exceed this sum. (Delivery and collection included)
How long will it take?*
Depending on how infected your system is and with which type of virus this could take 1-2 hours on-site. If device needs to be brought back to our workshop the general turnaround time is 48 hours.
*Please note that these are only rough quotes, an accurate timeframe and price estimate will be given in each case before commencing work.
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