Software Repair & Support

Software Repair and SupportSoftware - It's not just about finding the right program for your needs, but it's also about ensuring your computer can run it.

If you are having problems installing certain software on your computer or perhaps you have installed software, but it's not functioning correctly or is causing conflicts with existing software then you should give us a call. We can help diagnose and resolve your software problems in Leicester or the surrounding areas.

We can even advise you on the most appropriate software for your needs and your system capabilities. Just contact one of our friendly technicians today.

Surely I can just 'borrow' software?

Definitely not - software programs are usually protected by copyright laws!

There is software available for free (freeware), however we would recommend downloading it from the developers website to ensure you have the most up-to-date and stable version. Also take great care when downloading and installing free software. Almost no developer is willing to work for free, which means that these software almost never come free. What this means is that they are bundled with other pesky little programs that install in the background and collect data about you and your computer usage. This data is sent in the backgorund and eventualyy sold to advertisers. 

If you feel that you need help regarding any softwares or your computer is not behaving as it should after a new program is installed call us today! We have the experience and background to help if you are located in Leicester or the LE area. 

Where is the work carried out?
If you need advice on a software this can be done over the phone and/or through remote support. If it's required for us to install and/or explain how to use a software then this will have to be done at the client's location.
How much will it cost?*
For over-the-phone/remote support the hourly rate currently is £30. For On-Site visits our hourly rate is £40.
How long will it take?*
To find a solution for a simple and coomon task it usually takes around 20-60 minutes. More complex and custom tailored software solutions obviously take longer than this.
*Please note that these are only rough quotes, an accurate timeframe and price estimate will be given in each case before commencing work. We do not support and neither do teach each and every software suite, however we are able to advise on companies that provide software support and training in Leicester or the surrounding area.
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