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internet-and-wifi-issuesSecure wireless networks

Whether it's for home or business, we can setup a secure wireless network helping to protect you, your family and your computer.

Wireless networking is a great way of working and playing online without tangled cables or having to sit next to your phone socket. A wireless network router will enable you to wirelessly share your broadband connection across multiple computers or devices that are WiFi enabled.

My device won't connect to my WiFi router!

If you're having Internet & WiFi issues in Leicester or the LE area your best bet is to contact dedicatech ltd. We will come to your home or office at a convenient time for you to set up your router and configure your equipment to connect to it, and make sure your wireless network is secure from attackers .

Why should a network be secure?

Wireless networks obviously provide potential security issues as an intruder does not need to be plugged in to your phone socket or modem in order to gain access to your network and data. By ensuring your network is secure you can help to keep intruders out.

We will not only set up your network but we will ensure that it is safe from potential security issues. We will also provide advice on the adequate antivirus software you will need to help further protect your computer and data.

My device was connected to the internet but suddenly I can't acces it!

If you are experiencing issues with your internet connection there could be several reasons. Firstly you should try a different device to make sure that your internet connection is still up and and that other devices are able to acces the internet. If you are sure that your computer/laptop other connected device is at fault (regardless of being connected through WiFi or cable) then it's time to call us to find out the reason. Main reason for a device to refuse the internet connection is because of a virus or hardware failure.
We would be happy to assist with your WiFi & Internet issues in Leicester and the LE area and all other IT related problems for an affordable price and with a professional manner.
Where is the work carried out?
This type of service needs to be carried out at the clients' location in most cases.
How much will it cost?*
An exact estimate will be given before commencing work. Usual prices vary between £40-£80.
How long will it take?*
This depends on exactly what needs to be done, but most jobs are completed in under 1 hour.
*Please note that these are only rough quotes, an accurate timeframe and price estimate will be given in each case before commencing work.
If you need help with Internet & WiFi Issues in Leicester or the LE area
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