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My Laptop Won’t Charge

Sometimes your laptop is fine – it just won’t charge. If you’re having problems charging your laptop, or if your laptop no longer works even when it’s plugged into the wall – this could be a power jack problem. Don’t worry though, we can fix that!

You can confirm your problem is a power jack by walking through the following easy steps, or by sending us a message for a free diagnostic! To diagnose the issue yourself…

Have you tried a new power cable? Maybe it’s not the power jack at all!
Sometimes it’s as simple as a new power adapter. If you don’t have one – send us a message and we can help you get one!

Have you tried a new power cable and it still doesn’t work? Or does your power cable work in a friend’s laptop?
This one is pretty conclusive. If a new power cable doesn’t work, it’s definitely a problem with your laptop. Call us now!

Has your power jack on your laptop been loose? Have you had to wiggle your laptop to get it to charge?
This is a classic power jack issue. Over time, repeated wear and tear can damage a power jack and cause the jack to pull off the motherboard. Don’t worry though – we can fix this!

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