Software Repair and Support

Software - It's not just about finding the right program for your needs, but it's also about ensuring your computer can run it.

If you are having problems installing certain software on your computer or perhaps you have installed software, but it's not functioning correctly or is causing conflicts with existing software then you need to call dedicatech ltd. on 0790 7990 836. We can help diagnose and resolve your software problems.

We can even advise you on the most appropriate software for your needs and your system capabilities. Just call us on 0790 7990 836 and speak to one of our friendly telephone operators.

Surely I can just 'borrow' software?

Definitely not - software programs are usually protected by copyright laws!

There is software available for free (freeware), however we would recommend downloading it from the developers website to ensure you have the most up-to-date and stable version.

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