Technology and computer software is the driver of modern day businesses, but with so many options, how do you know which equipment and applications are the best for your business needs.

As authorized resellers for HP and Microsoft among others, our team of experts can offer you advice about the best hardware and software for you – and save you significant costs as well!

Not many IT professionals are aware of market prices and can easily be overcharged for hardware and software maintenance contracts. Add to that the year-on-year fee increases and additional expense for updated software licensing models, hardware and software procurement can be needlessly expensive.


It is easy for maintenance companies to overcharge clients if you do not do your research. Dedicatech Ltd. prides itself on providing an ethical and transparent service offering guidance and assistance to ensure that you are kitted out with hardware and software that will most benefit your business.

Our clients are able to leverage our strategic partnerships with leading technology providers to offer product support, pre-sales engineering, competitive pricing, extended warranties and better discounts. Not only that, but we provide valuable support in the following areas:

Server hardware and peripherals
Network hardware
Data Storage
Desktop/Laptop and peripherals
Software and licensing

Our procurement specialists make it easy for you to acquire new technology and can help you consolidate vendors to provide single source billing. To learn more about how our convenient service can set you off on the right track and improve your business productivity contact us.

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