We know change isn’t always easy, but at times it is inevitable. For a small to medium sized business, changing office locations can be a daunting and sometimes costly task. Downtime can be prolonged, systems damaged in transit and things become worse off than before. Don’t trust your office systems to just anyone.  

OFFICE RELOCATION: The Physical Move of all IT Equipment

In addition to organizing the removals of your office furniture and belongings, you will need to arrange the safe and secure relocation of your IT equipment and business phone systems. Moving office IT equipment is not as simple as disconnecting and reconnecting your computers, so this aspect of your office relocation should be handled by IT specialist who will be familiar with the logistical and technical aspects of handling IT relocations. Dedicatech has the expertise to dismantle your IT network, and reassemble it safely and securely in the new office.

We establish a company Point of Contact (POC) who we update constantly from the start of the Relocation Project to the very end, so you won’t have to “hope” things are going good with the move.

OFFICE REVIEW: Your Business Communication Systems

Reviewing your technology equipment prior to moving offices not only determines what changes are required in the new office (such as number & type of phones, network cabling, power outlets, specialist air conditioning etc) but it also helps assess future technology requirements. Future proofing your IT and business phone systems is not only crucial prior to an office move but can often save you money in the long term.

RECONNECTION OF SERVICES: Transfer & Migration of IT Systems to the new office

A key aspect of a smooth IT Relocation is to ensure your systems are up and running as quickly as possible in your new office to avoid any disruption to your business operations. Remember that if customers get poor service and cannot contact you before, during or after your office move your business may suffer.

What we move

  •     PCs, Monitors, Peripherals, cables
  •     Phones and Phone systems
  •     Circuits
  •     Networking Equipment, UPS devices

What we do during a Relocation Project

  •     We get the new site up and running beforehand (internet connection, network wiring, etc.)
  •     We deal with any and all vendors during the process (ISPs, etc)
  •     We test all logons, software, hardware, server connectivity and workstation connectivity
  •     We give go-live support for the entire week after the move at no extra cost
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