Data Recovery

Hard disk recovery, data recovery, drive recovery: whatever you call it, we have spent many years becoming masters at it. Not masters like those other consumer shops claim to be. REAL experts. The dirty secret that most other data recovery shops don’t want you to know is that few of them really know all that much about the fundamentals and technicalities of data recovery. In fact, when most of them do “data recovery“, what they really mean is they run a commercially available piece of software on it and declare their jobs done. The other side of the coin are large, industrial-oriented dedicated data recovery shops that have rooms full of esoteric equipment and custom-built software suites to recover anything.

Dedicatech Ltd. has found a happy middle ground: We can do simple data recovery, if that’s what it takes to get your data out of your drive, and charge simple data recovery prices. If we are unable for whatever reason to recover your data, we will advise you on alternative possibilities which you can consider for recovering data.

By giving you options, we keep our data recovery costs manageable, and ensure that we don’t miss a single byte of your important data. We understand the information kept on your computer is incredibly valuable to you, but we also understand that we have a responsibility to you as a consumer to charge the lowest price we can. That’s why we’re confident that we can beat out all the competition, both on service and price, whether it’s Mom and Pop’s computer shop on the corner, or Government Contractor, Inc. in the giant office building.
Best of all, we promise that unless we can recover your data, we won’t charge you a pence.

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