Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What can you fix? +

    We service laptops, computers, tablets, mobiles and game consoles. Contact us for anything else, it's free to receive a quote or advice on where can it be fixed.
  • 2. How much do you charge? +

    You can find our rates at the Prices menu point. To give a quick and simple overview: Our hourly rate is £40 which is capped at 2 hours. If we won't be able to fix your computer during this time while visiting you, we'll bring it back to the lab free of charge, fix it and then bring it back to you.
  • 3. What's the most you will charge? +

    Our maximum labour charge is capped at £80. However please note that this is not the maximum you could be charged for. The final amount will be calculated as follow: Labour charge + parts (if required) + other services (ex. data backup if required) + travel charges (if out of area). Every time before we start to work on your machine the estimated time and cost will be discussed with you and you will be able to decide if you want to go ahead or not with the repair. Please note, that if we have diagnosed your problem but you decide no to go ahead with the fix you will be charged a £40 diagnostic fee.
  • 4. Is there a minimum charge ? +

    Quotes, estimates and advice is always free. If you ask us to visit but decide not to use our services you will be charged £40 for the diagnostic.
  • 5. Do you offer any warranty on your service? +

    Please read the respective section of our Legal Info under the About Us menu point for a complete understanding on how our warranty works.
  • 6. Do you offer No Fix No Fee? +

    No Fix No Fee is available for residential customers only. This means that if we can not find the problem then we do not charge anything at all. If we do find the problem but you decide not to go ahead with the repair or another service then we charge a diagnostic fee for our time (normally 1 hour). If you do decide to go ahead with the repair then the diagnostic fee is waived.
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